Welcome to Tax Minimizers of Oregon Inc

Our Associates and staff firmly believe in the saying, “A dollar saved is a dollar earned.” Our firm's philosophy is centered on this statement. We want to be involved in our clients business, be a part of their company and help them make informed decisions about taxes and new tax laws and having us be their primary tax minimizing solution. Every client who visits any of our offices is treated like family and often returns for many years to come.


That being said, every tax website will boast about their tax service and what they have to offer but may lack the proper training and courses to efficiently conduct an accurate evaluation, business advice or tax preparation. Our firm utilizes the continuing education, seminars, and schooling on a quarterly and yearly basis. As all tax associates do in Oregon, as it is required by law to maintain their tax license.


What we can say about our associates is that they are at the top of their profession. They graduated at the top part of their classes and possess exceptional tax skills and knowledge. They offer a wide range of tax, accounting and consulting services and work with all kinds and types of businesses. Whether you need simple individual taxes completed, business advice, or financial guidance, this is the office for you.


Our associates are highly trained and proud to be ahead of the technological curve and offers the latest in state-of-the-art knowledge. You will find that our associates love what they do and are always looking for ways to improve your business experience. Tax Minimizers offers everything from accounting and payroll services, business services and overall business coaching.


Most importantly, our associates love what they do.


Monday morning is something our associates look forward to. They truly enjoy interacting with people and providing quality advice, tax service and business services.  If you're looking for top tier tax preparation, accounting and payroll services and that love what they do, call Tax Minimizers of Oregon Inc. (503) 665-1040.


We provide assistance in the following areas:


Accounting and Payroll Services

Business Coaching and Development

Individual and Business Tax Preparation

Tax Consulting and Planning

Audit Assistance

Offers in Compromise





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