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Bookkeeping services for the Gresham and Portland

Oregon areas. 


What is bookkeeping? Bookkeeping, in the easiest explanation is a systematic and convenient record of money transactions to show the condition of a business enterprise whether that is a small mom-and-pop shop, medium or a large corporation. 

Who are the types of people that would want to use bookkeeping services?

You could be a one man band, Sole Prop, LLC, S or C Corp. One may want to slowly grow a business and bookkeeping is one way for your company to tell its story and allocate the money in the areas needed.

Knowing a P&L (profit and loss) and balance sheet shows how and where the company spends most of its money and it shows profit and losses from month-to-month and year-to-year. Regardless the size of the business knowing down to the last cent where the money was spent and how much money is in the bank account is based on a good accurate bookkeeping record.

The process is part of a reconciliation! 

Let's talk Accounting & Payroll arguably the most important function an accounting firm provides (at least to a companys' employees), payroll is also one of the functions regularly outsourced


Are you considering starting a company? 

We can help with that too!


We offer business startup services and help you with organizing and preparing your paperwork helping you create either a Sole Proprietorship (aka, Sole Prop), LLC, Incorporating either a C or an S Corp.

We offer comprehensive Business Consulting services that can be tailored to meet your needs, where your numbers count!

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